I like my men…

Maybe it’s his foreign accent when he speaks that melts your heart. Maybe it’s the way he holds you, or undresses you, or whispers in your ear, that makes you go crazy. Maybe it’s the way his skin color mixes with yours in such a perfect way, that nothing can compare with it. This is how I like my men. How do you like yours?

i like my men bed

i like my men coffee

i like my men books

i like my men choco

i like my men cream

i like my men latte

i like my men tea

i like my men unicorn



Andreea Mironiuc (Romania)

Freelance illustrator, chocolate addict, full time dreamer.

Studies: Multimedia Design and Communication

Speaks: Romanian, English, Spanish

Europe is… where my heart is.

Portfolio: www.andreeamironiuc.com

FB: www.facebook.com/andreeaillustration



This post is also available in Bosanski - Hrvatski - Srpski, Català, Deutsch, English, Español, Français, Magyar, Nederlands, Português, Română, Slovenčina, Türkçe, Ελληνικά and македонски.

Author: maria

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