A Marathon through the Museums of Yerevan (Armenia)

In the last 10 years, Armenia joined in the Museum Night events, and has been celebrating it with great verve. This is a unique year for Armenia as 100 museums over the country joined the event, 39 of which are located in Yerevan. On May the 17th, the museums are free and open to all visitors, from 6 pm till 12 am. So, I took my camera and walked through as many museums as I could in the limited time I had.

Modern Art in the Cafesjian Center for Arts

First I visited the Cafesjian Center for the Arts which is located in the center of the Yerevan. Lots of people were playing and singing with their kids outside the museum, while a long queue of people was waiting to get inside. The longest queue was for the 1st floor hall, where glass sculptures of Dale Chihuly, Stanislav Libenský and Jaroslava Brychtová were set up. The whole museum was packed with people wanting to see the modern art.

20140830 museum night armenia_01 Cafesjian Center for the Arts 1

20140830 museum night armenia_02 Cafesjian Center for the Arts 2

Waiting to enter the museum hall

20140830 museum night armenia_03 Cafesjian Center for the Arts 3

Glass artworks of Dale Chihuly

20140830 museum night armenia_04 Cafesjian Center for the Arts 4

20140830 museum night armenia_05 Cafesjian Center for the Arts 5

20140830 museum night armenia_06 Cafesjian Center for the Arts 6

The story of Aram Khachaturian mixed with dance

After, I visited the museum of Aram Khachaturian, a great Armenian composer and conductor. This museum was more or less empty. The museum guide was telling the few visitors there, the love story of Aram Khachaturian. But upstairs, the situation was rather different. People were there to learn the Armenian traditional dance or the waltz with professional dancers. This was a special event just for the night.

20140830 museum night armenia_07 Aram Khachaturian 1

Entrance of Aram Khachaturian museum

20140830 museum night armenia_08 Aram Khachaturian 2

20140830 museum night armenia_09 Aram Khachaturian 3

Teaching the Armenian dances 20140830 museum night armenia_10 Aram Khachaturian 4

The beautiful garden of Avetik Isahakyan

Close to this museum is the museum of Avetik Isahakyan, an Armenian writer, poet, and public activist. This man’s beautiful small house, with its small garden, looked warm and friendly. Before leaving for the next musuem, I sat to rest a while in the garden full of roses and started to imagine just how many famous people had came to have a cup of tea or coffee with Isahakyan in his garden.

20140830 museum night armenia_11 Avetik Isahakyan 1

20140830 museum night armenia_12 Avetik Isahakyan 2

20140830 museum night armenia_13 Avetik Isahakyan 3

The sculpture of Avetik Isahakyan in his garden

20140830 museum night armenia_14 Avetik Isahakyan 4

A trip to childhood memories

I couldn’t miss visiting my favorite museum of my childhood, where my grandfather often used to take me, the Museum of Hovhannes Tumanyan, an Armenian writer and public activist also considered as the national poet of Armenia. His house looked ordinary from the outside but dreamlike from the inside. Many of Tumanyan’s tale characters and heroes were brought to life in the museum through puppet sculptures. Every time I come to this museum is like returning to my childhood. I would call this museum a museum of happiness.

20140830 museum night armenia_15 Hovhannes Tumanyan 1

20140830 museum night armenia_16 Hovhannes Tumanyan 2

20140830 museum night armenia_18 Hovhannes Tumanyan 3

A small layout of Hovhannes Tumanyan’s tale

20140830 museum night armenia_19 Hovhannes Tumanyan 4

20140830 museum night armenia_20 Hovhannes Tumanyan 5

20140830 museum night armenia_21 Hovhannes Tumanyan 6

Hovhannes Tumanyan sculpture

Modern artists, to conclude

The last museum I managed to visit was the Modern Art Museum of Yerevan where you can see art works of modern artists from Armenia and modern artistis from outside of Armenia. The many wonderful museums in my city, like the National Art Gallery, the History Museum, the Museum of Sergei Parajanov, Yervand Kochar, Yeghishe Charents, Alexander Spendiarian and many others which I didn’t manage to visit during the museum night are no less beautiful and wonderful.

20140830 museum night armenia_22 Modern Art Museum of Yerevan 1

20140830 museum night armenia_23 Modern Art Museum of Yerevan 2

Visitors in the Modern Art Museum

20140830 museum night armenia_24 Modern Art Museum of Yerevan 3

20140830 museum night armenia_25 Modern Art Museum of Yerevan 4

Visitors looking at the modern art of modern, creative artists

20140830 museum night armenia_26 Modern Art Museum of Yerevan 5

I love to visit museums any day of the year, however, dedicating a day to museums is a great idea. Museums are important for any generation as each museum tells a unique story: a story of people, art and history, which is a part of our lives.



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