Quiz: Human rights

Living in the Western world, it is very easy to take the existence and enforcement of human rights for granted. And in fact, that’s what they should be. But in a world where populism and narcissism are on the rise again, this topic suddenly seems more relevant than ever, not only when talking about other countries and cultures, but also right here, in our own backyard. Time to show off your knowledge about human rights – or take the hint and get up to speed!

By Anja Meunier / 1.6.2017

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Anja Meunier (Germany)

Studies: Mathematics and Economics

Languages: German, English, Spanish

Europe has… beautiful countries, interesting people, a great lifestyle. And needs to stay together.

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Luzie Gerb (Germany)

Studies: Art History, Fine Arts and Comparative Cultural Studies

Speaks: German, English, Swedish, French

Europe is… full of magical places, interesting people and their stories.

Website: luzie-gerb.de

Author: Anja

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