Rijeka – a town with many faces

Last summer I spent some weeks in Croatia, whilst I was there I visited fantastic places. The articles of this series give a glimpse into this period and some tips, describe experiences… and will encourage you to travel.

By Julia Mayer / 25.09.2019

The Croatian harbour town in the North Adriatic is the third largest city in Croatia and is as varied as its inhabitants. Not without reason, Rijeka has been selected as “Cultural capital of Europe 2020”. The following article shows what you really need to see in Rijeka.

The harbour

The harbour of Rijeka is an important crossing point and a real attraction. The port connects you directly to the old city, so that it is easily accessible.
Next to the sailboats of the fishermen, in the harbour you will see yachts. Among these you will frequently find the mega yacht “Royal Romance”, which at the time of its construction was the most modern yacht in the world.
You can walk along the harbour, which offers a wide view over the sea. Moreover, you can take part to boat trips from there to the nearby islands of Kvarner Bay. It is a good idea to go far back along the jetty at the ships and find a place in the shade with a view of the harbour and the whole city.
But before doing that, you should also visit the marketplace and try some of the local specialities for lunch.

The marketplace

Not far from the harbour, you will find numerous market stalls and two market halls. They will immediately attract your attention if you walk in the direction of the harbour. Everyday people meet here to exchange and sell their own crops and homemade specialities. Together with fruit and vegetables, you can find here also fresh sandwiches, nuts and the regional honey.
After shopping at these stalls, you must absolutely visit the two market halls of Rijeka. The first hall is distributed on two floors and in the lower level offers Croatian culinary delights made of meat, sausage and cheese. On the upper floor you will find further offers such as restaurants where visitors can eat regional dishes.
At the point of entry in the second market hall, it becomes immediately clear because of the smell that here you can buy fish. And not just any fish, but the fish that comes directly from the fishermen of the harbour, which means that there is nothing fresher! And you can smell and taste it immediately after the preparation.

The town

In the afternoon it is advisable to visit the city centre. Rijeka has a wonderful pedestrian area, where you can go shopping and relax in a café. Croatia is known for its coffee culture. This is due not only to the great taste, but also to the fact that coffee brings people together. That is why you can see many Croatians, in particular during the weekends, who meet their relatives and friends in the cafés, preferably with a view over the sea, and experience the coffee culture.
A real symbol of the town is the yellow city tower. The baroque tower with its clock characterizes the portal to the old city. This part of the town and the centre have been influenced by the German, Austrian and Italian culture. The local history is reflected in the architecture, which makes the old city of Rijeka colourful and full of interesting details.
To refresh oneself during the hot summer days or to experience something special, the tunnel of Rijeka offers the opportunity of travelling underground about 350 m in the city centre of Rijeka.
Along the coast of Rijeka you can see a construction that resembles a relic of long ago. After some research you will realize that is exactly what it is. The so called “Torpedo-launch station” from the 1930s belongs to the abandoned factory behind it, which produced torpedoes. This important symbol of the industrial heritage offers a lovely excursion site to enjoy the sea from a historical place.

Above Rijeka, Trsat fortress rises on top of an over 100 metres high mountain. The castle from the 13th century is one of the most visited attractions of Rijeka and a venue for cultural and musical events. Many visitors use this place for breaks, conversations and meetings. Trsat fortress is a place of tradition, emotion and adventure!
The old stadium by the sea offers a magnificent view of the coast. And in the evening you can enjoy the sunset from the stadium and join for example for a picnic.

Rijeka has the most diverse attractions. You can explore and discover it individually. The town is the mirror image of its history and its people. But see for yourself, it is worth it!


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