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We are heading towards a new year, a 2021 which will surely be full of surprises. But what are we leaving behind? Meeting Halfway has tackled, in its own way, the strangest year yet, the dreaded 2020…

By Alessandra Ivaldi / 27.12.2020

In 2020, our contributors devoted themselves heart and soul to the activity of Meeting Halfway. The Covid-19 pandemic was of course often in the forefront of our minds, as Milena Parotti, Ramona Di Bella and Ana Alvarez Calleja demonstrated with their articles focusing on different aspects of everyday life in the time of the Coronavirus.

And to “sweeten” our days spent at home, our contributor Monica Nicol gave us some of her delicious recipes: torrijas al latte and chocolate salami

Meeting Halfway also featured two articles on famous traditional Italian products such as pasta and coffee.

Our indefatigable Julia Mayer then shared with us her experiences during her internship in Brussels, in the very heart of the European Union. It is an interesting series of articles combining personal impressions, the wonder of discovering new places and a deeper understanding of European institutions. 

After dedicating herself to Brussels, Julia joined Milena and Elena Noventa in creating another series: You and the EU, focusing on how the European Union works and how it can influence the lives of us all.

The collaboration with the team of the magazine Treffpunkt Europa was also very interesting, thanks to which we contributed to the dissemination of an important testimony about the living conditions of asylum seekers on the island of Mayotte, a French overseas department, during the Covid-19 period.

Working with Europe on Track, we promoted a very interesting opportunity among our readers: to become an EU ambassador with the task of travelling through 21 European cities for a month on Interrail, interviewing other young people about their vision of Europe.

And, in this regard, there was no shortage of articles focusing on the topic of travel, something that was all certainly missed a lot in these troubled times of the Covid-19 pandemic. Meeting Halfway has thus “travelled” with the power of imagination through the series of articles dedicated to Alsace and Switzerland.

We also celebrated Carnival by discovering together one of the strangest traditions in Italy, the battle of the oranges of the Ivrea Carnival! And all together we gathered testimonies from different European countries to discover how Easter is celebrated in the EU.

Determined not to limit ourselves to traditional festivities, we also celebrated European Day on 9 May and the European Day of Languages on 26 September with an article by our contributor Giulia Barjona. Giulia also covered current affairs such as the “conquest of space” by Elon Musk, the effects of globalisation on the world of fashion and the tragic murder of a French teacher on 16 October. To conclude with current affairs, we also recommend our article on “The freedom to love: yesterday, today and tomorrow”: homosexuality from antiquity to the present day.

At this point we must thank all our tireless translators and proofreaders, without whom Meeting Halfway could not exist.

They worked on the translations of the articles above:

Fern Dinsdale, Danielle Kramer, Jason Chern, Nazzareno Lacidogna, Monica Nicol, Arina Agafonova, Julia Mayer, Ramona Di Bella, Eleonora Di Gaetano, Irina Dubovko, Eszter Szabò, Lorena Diana, Anastasia Ushakova, Birger Niehaus, Milena Parotti, Lucy Gannon, Jenneke van der Velden, Elena Bzania, Maria Porenkova, Daria Samokhina, Ricard Lluc, Francesca Barmaz, Alexandra Wood, Ivo Ivanov, Susanna Polakov, Martine Wilmes, Helen Gerasimova, Lise Moncey, Albina Pavlova, Arianna Bordi, Roza Evangelia Ladopoulou, Veronika Zhiliakova, Alex Jedwab, Lobke Maene, Camille Defix, Sara Pitardi, Alejandro Manjón Aspe.

And finally, we would like to thank the illustrator Daria Subkhangulova.

Thank you all, and may the New Year bring you joy and success!


Alessandra Ivaldi (Italy)

Speaks: Italian, English, German, French

Europe is... a cultural heritage.

Website: https://iva1794.wixsite.com/home


Alex Jedwab (binational Swiss/British)
Studies: MA in English
Languages: English, French, German and Italian
Europe is... my home!

Author: alessandra

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