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Beyond the aftermath of Brexit and the restrictions associated with the Coronavirus pandemic, Meeting Halfway explores the wonderful Britain…

By Alessandra Ivaldi / 29.01.2021

Travel enthusiasts are anxiously waiting for the pandemic situation to be brought under control so that they can regain their much-needed freedom of movement, which has long since been drastically curtailed through a series of security measures promoted by the governments of many countries. Now we must take some time for ourselves, perhaps already dreaming of the wonderful destinations of a future trip to celebrate the end of this dark period. And where do we find the right inspiration for this great journey? Books and TV series can provide us with plenty of inspiration… Britain is the location for many popular TV productions.

Let’s start with the great English cities: Cambridge is the wonderful home of one of the world’s most prestigious and oldest universities. The city is divided into 31 colleges, the most famous of which are Trinity College and King’s College, with its beautiful Gothic chapel. In the Grantchester series, based on the novels The Grantchester Mysteries by James Runcie, a young Anglican parish priest investigates the murders that are disrupting the peaceful countryside around Cambridge.

King’s College

Another title, another city: in Life on Mars a modern-day policeman finds himself mysteriously catapulted into 1970s Manchester. Manchester is the perfect location for this quirky story. It is an ever-changing city in the north-east of England. During the Industrial Revolution it became the capital of the textile industry, today it is the second most populated city in Great Britain and has many interesting museums on a wide range of subjects.

The Life on Mars spin-off, Ashes to Ashes, tells the story of a policewoman who is shot in 2008 and wakes up in 1980s London. So here we are in the beautiful capital of the United Kingdom, with its unforgettable sights making a spectacular appearance in Ashes to Ashes.

Tower Bridge, London

Bath and Bristol were the locations for many scenes in the Bonekickers series, which focuses on the adventures of four archaeologists who are engaged in the recovery of remains from different historical periods, which often conceal secrets and uncomfortable truths… Bristol is a large city in the south-west of England. Its best known attraction is undoubtedly the Clifton Suspension Bridge, the beautiful suspension bridge spanning the River Avon and the spectacular Avon Gorge.

Bath, on the other hand, is a famous spa resort. To be exact, it is the only natural spa in Britain. The city owes its name to the Roman baths that were located here in antiquity. The Roman Baths Museum, housed in the remarkably well-preserved Roman baths, is a must-see.

Clifton Suspension Bridge

In some TV series, entire geographical areas, not single cities, constitute not only the location, but a real silent co-protagonist of the events narrated. An example of this phenomenon comes to us from one of the most compelling and beloved British TV series, Midsomer Murders. Here the witty and thoughtful Inspector Barnaby, assisted by his trusty sergeant, solves complicated mysteries amidst delightful country villages in Gloucestershire (a county called, within the series, by the invented name of Midsomer).

Cornwall and its beautiful beaches are the focus of the delightful Doc Martin series, which tells the story of the quirky Dr Martin, who, after a successful career as a vascular surgeon in London, finds himself forced to accept a modest GP post in Portwenn (Port Isaac in real life), a remote little fishing village.


Norfolk, a county in the south-east of England, is the setting for the Kingdom series, which focuses on the adventures of lawyer Peter Kingdom. The county is said to have the most days of sunshine in Britain each year. That is why it is also called the ‘California of Britain’. Its beautiful beaches and historic towns are very attractive.

Completely different is the wild Northumberland in the north of England, where the adventures of the detective Vera, star of the TV series of the same name, take place. This region offers breathtaking and unforgettable landscapes.

Remaining in Northern England is Happy Valley, set in Yorkshire’s Calder Valley and centred on the dramatic story of Sergeant Catherine Cawood. This geographical area has many attractions for tourists, first and foremost the city of York with its beautiful cathedral. And for nature lovers, there’s the Peak District, a multi-county mountainous area with the Peak District National Park, Britain’s first national park and the most visited in Europe. It is actually one of five majestic national parks in the north of England, whose incredible landscapes will give you unforgettable memories.


But let’s not forget Wales! Here too we can find fantastic destinations for our trip. Cardiff, the capital of Wales, is home to Torchwood, the spin-off of the famous Doctor Who, which focuses on the adventures of a team investigating phenomena linked to extraterrestrial presences on our planet. The city offers attractions to suit all tastes, with its ancient castle, the National Museum of Wales for art lovers and large green parks.

And finally, let’s not underestimate Scotland, to which the Shetland Islands belong, although many say they are closer to Scandinavia both culturally and geographically. They represent one of the most remote territories in the United Kingdom. These islands and their small communities are the focus of the Shetland series, in which Inspector Jimmy Perez and his team investigate crimes committed in the islands’ small community.


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