Meeting Halfway – Europe’s culinary traditions

Meeting Halfway starts a new project. If you have a sweet tooth, or are simply interested in cooking and culinary traditions, then this will be perfect for you…

By Alessandra Ivaldi / 4.08.2022

Some years ago Meeting Halfway started a popular series of articles entitled Cooking with Grandma. Have you ever read one of these texts? If not, then do not worry! We are going to collect them all in our new series Meeting Halfway – Europe’s culinary traditions.

But… what is Cooking with Grandma? It is a series of short articles where you can find information about curious dishes that are part of the most famous traditions of European countries. Together with the stories of these dishes, you will also have the possibility to find the very recipes for these dishes!

As you will see, this series presents a different layout than our previous ones, since you will be able to turn the pages and read it as a physical magazine on your laptop or your mobile phone. At the moment this series will only be in English, so that everyone will be able to read it. You will find the first issue at the link below:

In this first issue you will find all the Cooking with Grandma (Italy) articles and, additionally, some articles about curious Italian culinary traditions. Are you ready to find out all the secrets about pasta and coffee?

If you like this new project, then leave a comment on our social media pages and stay tuned for the future issues of Meeting Halfway – Europe´s culinary traditions, which will be focused on the culinary traditions of other countries such as Switzerland, Spain and Germany.


Alessandra Ivaldi (Italy)

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Alex Jedwab (binational Swiss/British)
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