The MH Story

Meeting Halfway is an online platform where Europe gets together. We tell stories from across the continent, with words, photos, film and sound – in many European languages.

How it all began

Summer 2012: A handful of young journalists meet at a workshop. Their task is to dream up a media project they would like to realize if anything was possible. After an hour, they have developed the main idea: An online platform for all of Europe – a Meeting Halfway between European countries, their languages and their people. Half a year later, it remains just an idea.

And then…


Spring 2013: We decide to go through with it. 50 young journalists from across Europe join and start working on their first stories.

Summer 2013: More than 100 translators also join the team and start moving stories from one language to another to another to another.

We build a website. We translate. We edit. We organize. We keep track of everything in far too many google docs.

September 1st 2013: We go online.

What’s going to happen next

We want to keep telling great stories. Attract attention. Attract funding. Tell more great stories. Have a huge meet-up somewhere. Establish a truly European media space. Change the world a little bit. And then go from there.

The journey continues. You’re welcome to join along the way.