Europe Day – what is Europe for us?

On 9th May every year we celebrate peace and unity in Europe with #EuropeDay. The date marks the anniversary of the Schuman declaration: in 1950 Robert Schuman set out his idea for a new form of political cooperation in Europe, in order to make war in Europe unthinkable after the Second World War.

The declaration proposed the pooling of French and West German coal and steel industries. This led to the creation of the “European Coal and Steel Community” established in 1952. For this reason, Schuman’s declaration is considered to be the beginning of what is now the European Union.

This year we at Meeting Halfway have asked ourselves: “what is Europe?” Here you can read some of our ideas, thoughts, and wishes.

Meeting Halfway team / 9.05.2020

Europe is… a place where you can meet something different, take part in otherness and preserve cultural uniqueness. Europe is union and community. – Ramona, Italy

L’Europe… c’est une mosaïque de langues et de cultures encore à découvrir. – Danielle, France

Europe is… a home away from home. – Lucy, UK

Европа это … не место, а состояние души. – Arina, Russia

Europa ist… eine Werte- und Friedensgemeinschaft, die in dieser Form einzigartig ist, uns verbindet und unerlässlich für unser Zusammenleben ist. – Julia, Germany

Europe is… a big family where differences are strengths. – Milena, Italy

Europa is… een geheel groter dan de som der delen, het aanpakken van dingen die te groot zijn voor een enkel land alleen. – Jenneke, The Netherlands

Европа – это… богатое культурное наследие! – Anastasia, Russia

Európa… a világ sokszínű szíve. – Eszter, Hungary

Europe is… a multicolored stage where differences represent a historic, ethnic and cultural heritage. – Francesca, Italy

Europe is… inspiring and mind-opening. – Stephanie, UK

Европа это – страны, по которым я люблю путешествовать, потому что мне интересно узнавать разные культуры. – Daria C., Russia

Europe is… a bridge between different languages and cultures. – Monica, Italy

Europe is…diversity and friendship. – Daria S., Russia

L’Europa è… un patrimonio culturale. – Alessandra, Italy

Europa este…căminul nostru cultural, în care oameni de diferite naționalități formează un întreg. – Lorena Diana, Romania

Europe is… complex and invaluable. – Sarah, UK

Europa es… oportunidad para conseguir una vida mejor. – Nazzareno, Italy

Europe is… united by the borders that divide it. – Elena, Italy

Європа – це місце, де я отримую освіту, працюю, здобуваю безцінний досвід і підтримую теплі стосунки з ЄС. – Jason, Ukraine

Europe is… my home, an extraordinary story which unites cultures and fantastic people… and above all new places to discover. – Marcello, Italy

Europa es… el futuro. – Ricard, Spain

Europa ist … dieses Fleckchen zwischen Alaska und Västerås. – Birger, Germany

Европа… это та часть света, которую я хотела бы изъездить вдоль и поперёк. – Elena, Russia

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