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Quiz: How to swear and insult in Europe

What is the first thing you teach your new foreign friend in your native language? More often than not, it is a bad word, am I right? Most Erasmus students come back home experts in multilingual swearing, and if you haven’t heard these expressions before, here is your chance to catch up!

Meine Sprache, mein Zuhause: Deutsch

In den letzten Jahren hat Deutsch als Fremdsprache sehr an Beliebtheit gewonnen, überall in Europa und der Welt möchten die Menschen plötzlich Deutsch lernen. Deutsch ist in Mode. Doch niemand ist davon so überrascht wie wir Muttersprachler.

La burbuja de Barcelona

España es el país de Europa que más estudiantes Erasmus recibe y Barcelona es sin duda una de las destinaciones preferidas. El ambiente cosmopolita se respira en sus calles y es más común escuchar hablar inglés en el centro que español o catalán. Pero este auge de popularidad se enfrenta hoy en día a una realidad que muchos llevan tiempo vaticinando: la incipiente burbuja inmobiliaria en el precio de los alquileres.

Leben im Zentrum des Nahostkonflikts

Seit fünfzig Jahren ist Palästina inzwischen unter israelischer Besatzung. Hebron im Westjordanland gilt als einer der größten Konfliktpunkte zwischen israelischen Siedlern und Palästinensern. Wie sieht hier der Alltag zwischen Besatzung und Siedlungspolitik aus?

Battling the Post-Erasmus Blues: Culture Shock, again?

Culture Shock. It is a term we have all heard a hundred times before and it is something that every university will mention in pre-departure meetings. As Erasmus students, we all associate these two words with the beginning of our time abroad. But what do they actually mean? And is it possible to get “culture shocked” twice?

Il-lingwa tiegħi, dari: il-Malti

Kemm taf dwar il-lingwa Maltija? Mhux wisq? F’dan l-episodju l-ġdid mis-sensiela “Il-lingwa tiegħi, dari” tista’ ssir taf aktar dwar il-lingwa mitkellma fil-gżira ċkejkna, Malta.

On democracy and social behaviour

After a year full of unexpected voter decisions, the other half of the western world is left wondering – why did this happen, and how did we not see it coming? In this article we dive into the idea of democracy and social behaviour and analyze the troubling problems of today’s politics. What could a solution look like?

This is how the new year is celebrated all over Europe

Seven days after Christmas and the magic of the festive season slowly comes...

In cucina con la nonna (Italia): pasta alla carbonara

Oggi, per la rubrica “Cucinando con la nonna”, vi propongo una ricetta italiana famosa in tutto il mondo che ha come luogo d’origine il Lazio, la regione della capitale Roma: la pasta alla carbonara.

Battling the Post-Erasmus Blues: Hello my name is…

While it may not be a recognised medical condition, that glum feeling you get when you return to your home university is definitely normal, and something that every Ex-Erasmus student experiences. Right? In our new series, you can follow our author’s way back into ‘normal-life’ after an eventful year abroad.


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