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Battling the Post-Erasmus Blues: Hello my name is…

While it may not be a recognised medical condition, that glum feeling you get when you return to your home university is definitely normal, and something that every Ex-Erasmus student experiences. Right? In our new series, you can follow our author’s way back into ‘normal-life’ after an eventful year abroad.

Es ist noch nichts passiert, und doch ist alles anders – Großbritannien nach dem Referendum

Der 24. Juni, der Tag, an dem das Ergebnis des Referendums der Briten über den EU-Austritt bekannt gegeben wurde, ist inzwischen einige Wochen her. Das erste Gefühl der Überraschung und Ungläubigkeit, das an diesem Tag Großbritannien, Europa und die Welt erfasste, hat sich gelegt und das Land ist nun nicht mehr, was es vorher war. Was hat sich verändert und was wird die Zukunft bringen?

Cocinando con la abuela (España): Tortilla de patatas

En esta entrega de “cocinando con la abuela” os enseñamos a cocinar una popular tortilla de patatas, también llamada tortilla española.

Cultural diversity is Europe’s biggest strength

In Europe, so many different countries and cultures are packed together that it is hard to imagine everyone getting along. And yet, we do. Sort of. Well, some teasing and quarrels happen even in the best families. But what we should never forget is that this diversity is also our biggest asset. Nine young people from different parts of Europe have told us about what they feel the people in their country could learn from others in Europe, and also how they think their country could serve as an example for the community in other ways.

Rodando por el mundo

Salir de fiesta, ir de conciertos y viajar mucho. Seguro que lo has hecho mil veces. Pero entonces alguien te comenta: “¡Pensé que a ti no te iba este tipo de cosas!” ¿Te sorprende? Es la situación con la que Marta Llauradó se encuentra a diario. Una chica con diversidad funcional en cuyo blog intenta desmentir los prejuicios que la sociedad tiene sobre ella.

Rentar piso en Dublín, el reto que todo estudiante extranjero debe afrontar.

Dejar tu patria y familia para irte a estudiar a otro país es sumamente difícil, pero encontrar un buen lugar donde vivir en Irlanda es el reto más grande, la ballena blanca que todo estudiante tiene que cazar.

An ever growing family: Establishing the European Youth Parliament in Armenia

Young, motivated and ready to change the world: this is how the members of the European Youth Parliament of Armenia are best described. Hovsep Patvakanyan, head and founder of EYP Armenia, told us about his experiences establishing this extraordinary youth organization in Armenia, and the wonderful ideas which came to life thanks to the efforts of its members.

Upoznaj svoje lokalno naslijeđe – projekat koji povezuje bosansko-hercegovačku mladež

Bosansko-hercegovačko društvo, 20 godina nakon rata, najvećeg u Europi nakon Drugog svjetskog rata, je i dalje jako podijeljeno. U posljednjih 20 godina stotine miliona dolara su uložene u projekte kojima se nastojalo povezati pripadnike 3 konstitutivna naroda (Bošnjake, Hrvate i Srbe), podići nivo međusobne tolerancije i izgraditi društvo koje će se temeljiti na stvarnim demokratskim principima.

Britain after Brexit: The dashed hopes of young Europhiles

The UK has voted to leave the EU, a close decision which has left many British people, especially the young, feeling frustrated and apprehensive. Our author attempts to describe the reaction of the 48% of the voters who wanted to remain, and how it feels now to be in a post-Brexit Britain.

Αναζητώντας τον επόμενο προορισμό

« Όλα ξεκίνησαν με αφορμή ένα ταξίδι για να δω κάποιους συγγενείς στη Γερμανία και μετά κάτι φίλους στη Βουλγαρία. Από τότε ξύπνησε μέσα μου το “ένστικτο” του ταξιδιώτη. Συνήθως επιλέγω προορισμούς με φθηνά αεροπορικά και πηγαίνω. Έτσι απλά. Φτάνω, βλέπω που έχει κάποιο hostel εκεί κοντά, κλείνω κάποιο δωμάτιο και γυρνάω το μέρος ».


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